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Sales Engineer

Sales job responsibilities:

1. Complete the market work in the area in which it is responsible, and be responsible for the market goals such as bid winning, payment collection, and delivery;

2. Responsible for the regional market share, market expansion and other goals, and organize the implementation, establish the company's brand, and establish a competitive advantage;

3. Expand and maintain regional customer relationships and establish a good customer support platform;

4. Strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations and process requirements;

5. Other matters assigned;

job requirements:

1. Major in communication, signal, power electronics or related, bachelor degree or above

2. Have more than three years of railway industry background or sales experience of communication products such as Huawei;

3. Master the operation mode and method of the industry's large enterprise market, have good communication and coordination skills, and customer development communication skills;

4. Independently responsible for the completion of a total of more than 10 million medium-label items, proficient in using office software

5. Possess good professional ethics and keep company business secrets;

6. Able to adapt to work on business trips

7. Master the concept of QOS, and can skillfully apply QOS technology to VPN, traffic engineering, VOIP, bandwidth limitation, etc.;

8. Familiar with various protocols and signaling of telecommunication network;

Salary: Negotiable