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Automatic quick-change module for end gripper of robotic arm

The end load of the robotic arm is 3-12KG, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the robotic arm is ±0.05/±0.02mm;

Bionic design, 360 degree rotation, up to 21 degrees of freedom

Integrated system design, the high-frequency collaborative control robot realizes 1000Hz communication and control frequency rejection delay as a whole, and truly achieves simultaneous use of hands and feet

Mecanum wheel omni-directional drive two-wheel differential drive

Chassis load 300-600KG, chassis repeat positioning accuracy ±5/±1mm







Traditional way

Robot Management system

Moying Technology uses a self-developed robot management system that can simultaneously manage various types of AGVs and mobile collaborative robots, and provides them with rich and flexible task editing functions. The ink shadow robot management system uses a combination of behavior tree and state machine to process robot tasks, providing intelligent and flexible operation methods. And the tasks are highly reusable, allowing users to program while accumulating in the task library.

In the multi-machine application scenario, the ink shadow robot management system provides a powerful multi-machine scheduling function. Introduce the concept of time axis, and perform unified scheduling for all robots in the scene at the same time, avoiding mutual interference of robot running routes from the scheduling level, and maximizing efficiency.

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