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product engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Collect and sort out the construction volume of the railway industry, track the technical development and market demand of the industry, and meet the design needs of major design institutes and owners' communication projects. Carry out technical exchanges, program guidance, technical consultation, technical configuration and program production, cost optimization analysis, etc.;

2. Organize technical plan decision-making on related projects, ensure the consistency of project technical configuration and market strategy, improve the success rate of product projects, and continuously enhance product competitiveness;

3. Responsible for the system design and drawing output of technical documents in the project, and continuously optimize solutions in the process, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. And is responsible for the construction of product information to ensure the consistency and feasibility of the bidding technical plan.

4. Train the sales staff, enhance the sales staff's technical analysis ability, and enhance the sales staff's market development ability;

5. Combined with the company's product development strategy, formulate the company's product development goals and cooperate with the implementation of the company's project tasks at all stages;

6. Responsible for the implementation of the after-sales delivery of the product project

job requirements:

1. Unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, major in electronic automation, electrical, electromechanical and other related majors, familiar with Huawei, H3C, ZTE and other communication products and related knowledge is preferred;

2. More than two years of experience in pre-sales and after-sales product support services

3. Be able to use various basic office software proficiently, and be able to make bids independently

4. Being upright, clear thinking, efficient, meticulous, serious, etc.

5. Those with work experience in railway/urban rail and other industries, or communication product integrator agent working background is preferred.

6 can adapt to business trips

Salary: Negotiable