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Ma Jiangtao, the founding chairman of the Doctoral Union and vice president of Ink Film Technology,


During the period, Zhou Jiannong welcomed Ma Jiangtao's visit. She introduced Jiangsu’s new progress in the new journey of high-quality development and the recent work of the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese, and learned more about the development of Jiangsu overseas professionals in Europe, and promoted the interaction and cooperation between the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese and the Doctoral Union. , And conducted extensive exchanges to help Jiangsu's high-quality development.

Liu Biao briefly introduced the situation of the Provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese taking advantage of overseas friendship service centers and carrying out the work of attracting capital and talents, and actively discussed with Ma Jiangtao on strengthening cooperation with overseas scientific and technological overseas Chinese groups.

Ma Jiangtao expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese for responding to the needs of overseas Chinese groups and providing material assistance to British overseas Chinese and students in a timely manner during the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of last year. He introduced the situation of local overseas Chinese and the development of the doctoral alliance and the development of project cooperation in China. He expressed his willingness to actively contribute to the development of talents, promote cooperation with the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, and promote the economic and social development of Jiangsu.