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Introduction: On April 24, the 19th China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Shenzhen. Ink Shadow Technology appeared in booth 1C78. Wang Zhigang, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, came to the booth to visit and guide.

On April 24, the 19th China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Shenzhen. Ink Shadow Technology appeared in booth 1C78. Wang Zhigang, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, came to the booth to visit and guide. It is understood that the China International Talent Exchange Conference ('CIEP') is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government. The conference began in 2001. It is a national, international and comprehensive exhibition and negotiation event with the theme of 'innovation, development, cooperation, and win-win' for my country's international scientific and technological innovation and international talent exchange resources.



Ink shadow technology leads the trend of technology and attracts the attention of the audience

In recent years, the state has strongly supported the development of smart manufacturing, and my country's smart manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. The 'International Innovation and Talent Exchange Exhibition and Negotiation Complex' of this conference has also become a hot exhibition area because of its technology companies in the field of intelligent manufacturing.



Shenzhen Moying Technology Co., Ltd., located in the 'High-tech Industry Exhibition Promotion Zone' of the Comprehensive Pavilion, is one of the representatives of technology-based enterprises focusing on the field of mobile collaborative robots. At the exhibition site, Ink Shadow Technology became the focus of attention with its advanced technology.

Wang Zhigang, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Weizhong, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and leaders of all parties came to the scene and gave work guidance.

Dr. Yang Yiming, the founder of Ink Shadow Technology, answered questions on current ink shadow technology and industry applications, and accompanied the leaders to watch the operation process of Ink Shadow Technology 'Mobile Collaborative Robot'.

It is worth mentioning that as early as the 2019 Baobo, Secretary Wang Weizhong expressed his concern about Ink Shadow Technology. In this second visit, Wang Weizhong fully affirmed the technology and development of Ink Shadow.


In addition, as one of the representative enterprises in Bao'an District, Ink Film Technology has also attracted attention from Bao'an District and governments, institutions, and enterprises at all levels.

It is understood that with the increasing complexity of internal manufacturing in factories, factories have put forward smarter and more flexible requirements for automation equipment. Compared with mobile robots and traditional manipulators, mobile collaborative robots combine the functions of the two. With the characteristics of mobile operation and human interaction, they are regarded as the key to achieving smarter and more flexible manufacturing upgrades.

Moying Technology was founded in 2019 by Dr. Yang Yiming, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from the University of Edinburgh, a former associate professor of the School of Intelligent Engineering at Sun Yat-Sen University, and a high-level overseas talent in Shenzhen’s 'Peacock Project'. The company's R&D strength is strong. The core technical team is composed of top experts in the international robotics field and industry experts with rich engineering experience. R&D and engineering technicians account for more than 70%, and master's degree or above accounted for more than 50%.


Relying on strong R&D capabilities, Moying Technology has mastered independent core technologies, such as scheduling algorithms, autonomous navigation, high-latitude complex environment motion planning, dual-arm coordination, robotic arm force control, human-machine collaboration, and human-machine integration and other core algorithms and engineering applications In the technical field, it is in a leading position in the industry.

At this stage, Ink Shadow Technology is deeply involved in the four major fields of 3C manufacturing, CNC processing, semiconductors, and biomedicine. With industry-leading independent core technology to meet customer needs, it has become an excellent choice for achieving flexible and intelligent upgrades of production lines.

Applied to 3C manufacturing industry: current 3C electronic products have diverse parts, rapid product update iterations, and rapid production lines; there are many types of materials to be handled, and transportation routes are complex; the size of the feeder is inconsistent; the positioning accuracy is high; the system adaptability requirements Higher demand.

The Moying Technology solution has the advantages of rapid deployment, multi-machine collaborative work according to the scheduling system, and flexible task arrangement. At the same time, with autonomous navigation technology, the Moying mobile collaborative robot can achieve autonomous path planning, precise positioning, and precise positioning of the site. ±1mm, improve the efficiency of the production line while meeting the complex needs of customers.

Applied to CNC machining: The working environment of CNC production workshop is complex and requires many human roles, such as CNC machine tool operation and picking and unloading personnel, inspection personnel, logistics personnel, mobile fixture assembly and disassembly personnel, maintenance personnel, etc. . In such a production environment with high manual participation, robots must have high safety. The ink-and-shadow mobile collaborative robot has the characteristics of human-machine collaboration. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it can effectively replace manual materials to achieve functions such as picking and unloading, and detection, effectively reducing manpower requirements.

Ink Shadow Technology organically links the isolated production equipment, processing units, work stations, automatic assembly and disassembly, and inspection in the CNC workshop, reducing intermediate links, shortening the product logistics cycle, and enabling processing, assembly, inspection, logistics, and picking and unloading. The production process is integrated, realizing truly flexible production.

Applied to semiconductor packaging: As the demand in the consumer electronics field continues to increase, semiconductor packaging plants are full of orders, and there is an urgent need to upgrade production lines and increase production capacity. In the packaging plant workshop, a large number of machines need to be cached on-line, and it is urgent to reduce the material inventory occupancy rate and improve the logistics conversion rate. Robots need to work in a complex workshop layout, numerous equipment, and small space. Complete the circulation of workshop products and semi-finished products, and complete the distribution of production auxiliary materials.

Moying Technology pioneered a multi-machine scheduling system, which can perfectly solve the multi-machine scheduling problem, eliminate deadlocks theoretically and algorithmically, meet the flexible production needs of small batches and multiple batches of enterprises, and reduce inventory rates.

Applied to the biomedical industry: The biomedical industry has strict requirements on the working environment of the workshop, and the robot must meet the characteristics of high precision, high cleanliness, and high safety.

Moying Technology mobile collaborative robots can replace researchers and work in dangerous environments such as p2/p3/p4 or in environments that require high cleanliness, and fundamentally solve the risk of leakage or infection. At the same time, the repetitive positioning accuracy of the Moying Technology chassis can be as high as ±1mm, and the repeated grasping accuracy of the robot as a whole can be as high as ±0.1mm. Fully meet the high-precision operation requirements of the biomedical industry.