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Major Projects-Moying Technology Team was awarded the Shenzhen 2018 Major Projects for Investment

Shenzhen Special Zone News (Reporter Gan Lin) On December 7, Shenzhen's 2018 Major Investment Promotion Project Signing Conference was held in the Civic Center. 33 major projects from the Internet, new generation information technology, advanced manufacturing, cultural creativity, finance, biology, life and health, aerospace industry and other fields were collectively signed, and 2 industrial parks were awarded as industrial chain professional parks/internationalization In key parks, 10 outstanding settled enterprises and 10 outstanding investment promotion cooperative institutions were awarded a concentrated award. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong, Mayor Chen Rugui, etc. presented awards to relevant enterprises, institutions, and parks, and witnessed the signing of the project.

The contracted projects include Ford Motor Company's Asia-Pacific Intelligent Mobility Innovation Center, SHARK International Operations Headquarters, and the South China Headquarters of U.S. Instant Connect, etc. The total investment is about 73.6 billion yuan. These projects are all high-end projects focused on the introduction of Shenzhen's industrial development orientation, and will create new sustainable growth points for Shenzhen's economy. 10 outstanding enterprises settled down include China Mobile Intelligent Hardware Innovation Center, Amou Technology (China) Co., Ltd., etc. According to reports, the implementation of these projects has actively promoted the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of related industries in our city, and has contributed to the improvement of our city’s core competition. Power plays a positive role.

At the meeting, Baoneng Science and Technology Park was awarded as a professional park for investment and promotion of the Internet of Things industrial chain, and Tus Xiexin Science and Technology Park in Longgang District, Shenzhen was recognized as a key investment and promotion park for internationalization, and became a comprehensive one that prioritized the promotion of investment projects for multinational high-quality enterprises. Park. Up to now, our city has identified 8 investment promotion industrial chain professional parks, including artificial intelligence, graphene, and unmanned systems, and 25 investment promotion international key parks. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Investment Promotion Agency stated that this will speed up the implementation of major industrial projects, enhance the international and domestic visibility, influence and operation level of the industrial park, and accelerate the development of industrial chain clusters, and comprehensively enhance the radiation and driving force of our city’s industries. force.

It is reported that in the next step, our city will actively coordinate the city's investment attraction force, and effectively carry out the 'invest in Shenzhen' promotion plan, the major foreign investment introduction plan, the entity investment tackling plan, the core industry cluster plan, and the business environment monitoring plan, and continue to introduce more large businessmen. , Excellent business, good business, with high-quality increments to help Shenzhen move towards building a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to create an urban example of a modern and powerful socialist country.

City leaders Gao Zimin and Wang Lixin, and city government secretary Li Tingzhong participated in related activities.